Dress Art for Your Special Occasion

Your personality, in a dress.

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We know you care about the environment. Here at Mollie Makes It Boutique, we try to use gently loved clothes whenever we can. The fashion industry produces 10 percent of the world’s carbon emissions and pollutes our oceans. By transforming pre-owned fabrics into gorgeous works of art, we help stop that cycle.

Je ne Sais Quoi

You’ve got that special something. You’re unique, fun, sexy, gorgeous—and maybe even a little mysterious. It’s hard to pin it down in just a few words, but we look forward to getting to know you better as you shop for the perfect outfit. Check out our styles for your prom, wedding, baby shower or event!


We know you’re worth celebrating. You radiate love and joy wherever you go. So our collection is bound to catch your attention. You can’t help being drawn to our second-to-none, curated assortment of beautiful art. Let the dress show your audience how you feel on the inside!